Tilghman Resort Website Increases Web Traffic 171.3%

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Tilghman ResortInterCoastal Net Design’s hotel client, Tilghman Resort, has increased their website traffic 171.3% over website visitors for 2010 year to date. ICND launched a new website with Tilghman the first of the year after the resort came under new management and marketing. In addition to the tremendous traffic increase, their page views increased an astounding 218%.

Every month Tilghman Resort experienced record breaking online reservations through their website and marketing initiatives developed by ICND including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click, Social Media, and knowledgeable assistance with their Email Marketing campaign.

“We’re always working to improve”, said Vanessa Humes, lead ICND representative on the account. “Just because they are doing well, doesn’t mean they can’t be doing better. John [their marketing director] and I work hard to evaluate the site and the marketing initiatives to ensure we are doing the most we can for the budget this resort has. We’ve made some small changes to the site that have increased their conversion rates at the end of the summer 146.8%. I’m looking forward to seeing them kill it next season!”.

ICND uses Tilghman Resort as a testimony of how tracking marketing, tracking conversions, adjusting and maintaining websites, and having a strong working relationship with our customers is the perfect storm. It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits both companies. When your business strives, ICND strives.