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Bing Commercials – Did They Pay Off?

Can’t say for sure, just yet.  But the latest reports from Comscore indicate solid growth in 2009.  In addition, Microsoft sites recorded a 70% increase in searches in December of 2009 when compared to December 2008.  The numbers are continuing to grow as people start to catch up to the technology and the growing number of people getting online.


Reviews, Reviews.  Now… More Reviews.

Many sites gaining traffic these days are sites that feature reviews.  It can be on anything from hotels, vacation rentals, personal trainers, to real estate agents.  In an approach to beat out review sites such as Yelp, Google is now featuring reviews from things like “blogs”.  What’s this mean?  It’s even more important to put in testimonials and opinions in our current blogging strategies and techniques.

It’s a Social Takeover


Not exactly hostile, yet.  Google has recently unleashed the Social Search into Beta.  If you haven’t already tried it you can begin to see a real domination of Google’s focus to real time search results.  Now your circle of friends content will influence your search results.  You have to create a Google Profile and link it to all of your other social media sites your take part in.  Then, when you perform a search for “Myrtle Beach Vacations” your Aunt Mary’s church group pictures she posted on Facebook will return.  If you search for “hair dresser”, you’ll get pictures of your friends new do’s and any hair dressers they may be friends with.  Just another way Google is in the social market.

Also, it’s still a popularity content.  The tweets will rank based on how many followers you are an how well they determine what you tweet about.

Take Advantage of Real Time Google Business Center

Don’t forget to update your profile in the Google Business center with new specials, coupons, products, or menus.  This will be another importact factor to bring qualified people to your site and through your doors as Google gets more focused on real-time search.


Google Bowl Ad?

What did you think about the Google Super Bowl commercial?  Intriguing, stupid, tear-jerker, cliché?  Follow us on Facebook & Twitter and let us know!