Sales Training and Results, Customized Training Programs

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Ever wonder how you can help your business grow? Having trouble reaching your sales goals? We encourage you to visit one of the newest ICND-designed websites, Sales Training and Results, Inc. (STAR.) Whether you’re looking for a workshop, online training, or a new sales curriculum, STAR can help your business out. We redesigned it to give it a more corporate, professional look and feel, allowing them to better organize all  content in a way that makes it easier for  potential customers to find the services they need.

This is a sleek website that is loaded with features and custom programming. The InterCoastal Net Designs team is proud of this website, as this is one of our first customers of this type, thus proving our ability to work with a variety of clients to achieve their web and online marketing needs. They have a robust admin area, allowing them to control all of their content and blogs with ease.

STAR is a SEO customer, as they get most of their leads from people looking for sales training based on the industry or topic they specialize in.