Cool Web Tool of the Day!

Today's cool web tool of the day is Digsby.  Five Stars. Two Thumbs Up.

What they say:

IM + Email + Social Networking = Digsby.

What we say:

In a nutshell, Digsby is Outlook for your IM accounts (and email, and social network accounts). It's great! Keep up with your personal and professional accounts and contacts in one easy place. It will notify you when your friends on Facebook and Linked in leave you messages or update their wall or profile. Digsby hasn't been integrated with Twitter yet, which is strange. But be on the look out for it.

Visit Digsby to download this very useful web tool.

Looking to create a custom web application or web tool to enhance your business's marketing reach, or simply to better the world at large. InterCoastal Net Designs is a professional web development company that can create the web app, desktop app, browser based application, or web tool that you need, within your specifications and within your budget.

Social Media Marketing is about ORGANIZATION

Defining social media as hot today is so yesterday…but it still hasn't lost its relevancy. And won't. Sure, there's a lot of clutter and hype (Twitter loses 6 out of ever 10 users every month – giving it's 1400% quarterly growth a bit of a petina) but knowing how to use and harnass Social Media (and other Web 2.0 technologies) is a must do if you really want to get the word out about your business.

Though most of the Social Media outlets are FREE, they are still very time consuming. And there in lies the rub of the issue. Most businesses mistakenly believe they can simply set up accounts and send out there deals, and wahlah, instant sales. Not so. You have to find your audience, grow your friends and follows, become an authority and a trusted source on your business, market, services, products, and/or industry. You have to be where web users are looking – which is EVERY WHERE.

The headache is that interactive marketing has become so segmented. Fragmented across multiple touchpoints. Don't just rely on the Google search index. People go to user review sites to find out which hotels are the best, web users ask their friends for advice, enter forums for product info and troubleshooting, or look for how to articles when they want to do it themselves.

The great thing about Social Media is that provides you with access to the EVERY WHERE – but you have to make the decision as a business that you want to walk through the door.

Managing Social Media is a juggling act at best – but it can be done when you put things in order. Your website and/or blog should be the foundation of your social media campaign; the place where you drive all the traffic – from your postings, articles, press releases, reviews, what ever.

Start with one or just a few of the top outlets – Facebook and Twitter – and get a good handle on them before you bite off more than you can chew. Once you feel comfortable with these tools, then move on to a new outlet. And schedule everything accordingly. With every new social outlet you need anywhere from one hour a day to at least 5 hours a month. Again, social media is all about engagement. If you don't stay infront of your market and customers (past, present and future) there's no point of doing it.

If you're balking at the idea of spending that much time – then scale back your networking reach.

Or – for a not so shameless plug – hire the services of a professional Internet marketing company to handle a lot of the heavy lifting. The setup and implementation, the monitoring, and campaign building.

Read this great article on Who Should Manage Your Social Media Marketing campaign.

Be on the look out for more "How to Organize your Social Media Marketing" advise. Or just email me directly.

SEO and Internet Marketing

No matter what size your website or company is, SEO and Internet Marketing must be performed on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best results. Every month there will be more competitors seeking to move in on your position and bump you down, and it is up to you and your SEO team to raise the bar on your competitors and maximize your rank and visibility in the search engines, and continually increase the flow of valuable customers through your doors.

Colocation Hosting – Server Colocation

At InterCoastal Net Designs we offer Colocation Hosting Services that meets your needs and budget. We offer managed colocation servers at our data center or you have the option of managing and maintaining your own servers. Our main focus is to provide you with reliable networking, internet connectivity, regulated power, security and support services.

Call 1-866-249-6095 or contact us for a quote today!

Colocation Hosting is a cost efficient option for your company's online hosting needs. We have been in the business for over nine years and have a solid record of growth at our CoLocation Data Center.

Benefits of Server Colocation with ICND:

  • 99.99% network uptime
  • Generator Backup Power
  • Standard Colocation Package comes with 5 IPs. More available if needed.
  • 1 U, 1/4 Rack, 1/2 Rack, Full Rack – its available
  • 24/7/365 Live Tech Support

By colocating your servers at our facility the worries of theft, vandalism, fire, and your cleaning lady tripping over your server power cord is left behind. Rely on a professional colocation company to handle your worries.

Call 1-866-249-6095 or contact us for a quote today!

InterCoastal Net Designs is growing again

Intercoastal Net Designs, Inc. (ICND) Acquires Link Brokers Group, Inc.

Intercoastal Net Designs, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Link Brokers Group, Inc. By now, you should have received notification from Link Brokers Group, Inc. by email. Intercoastal Net Designs, Inc. (ICND), located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, has been in the website design, marketing and hosting business since 1999. For nine years our staff of experts has taken the initiative to partner with our clients to target their specific needs and creatively develop personalized technology solutions. Our commitment to innovation and research has allowed us to help our clients stay on the cutting edge of their industry.

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IDX Solutions for Realtors

IDX Website Solutions from the Carolinas to California

InterCoastal Net Designs is offering Real Estate Web Design and IDX Websites MLS Search Solutions for Real Estate Companies and individual agents. ICND has been developing MLS / IDX

websites for over 4 years. If we have not tapped into your local multiple listing service data feed it will not be a problem. We work with quite a few association of realtors from Seattle, Washington / Baton Rouge, Louisanna / Orlando, Florida / Charleston, South Carolina / Hilton Head Island, South Carolina / Beaufort, South Carolina / Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Brunswick County North Carolina – to name a few.

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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

Intercoastal Net Designs offers a wide variety of Real Estate Search Engine web site related services.

Real Estate is competitive. It's that simple. Is your company doing all that it can to stay on the forefront in your market? At Intercoastal Net Designs we specialize in Real Estate Search Engine Optimization.

Our team of experts has the experience and expertise to take your company from unnoticed to best in class.

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing landscape. As more and more companies are entering the Search Engine Marketing game, gaining top visibility becomes a greater challenge. Excellent Real Estate Search Engine Marketing firms know in order to realize optimum success they must leverage all of the skills in their toolset.

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Coldfusion hosting upgrades

InterCoastalNet Designs upgrades to ColdFusion MX 8 Enterprise. Coldfusion Website Hosting is a service that ICND is focusing on now more than ever. We are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date software and hardware available so that your website will outperform all others. See our Cold Fusion Web Hosting Page to learn more about the new features offered.

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