The New Marketer's Survival Guide Prologue: Part 0.0.1

Back in the Mad Men days of advertising, all you really needed to make it as a marketer was some machismo and a pack of Lucky's. Or so it seemed anyway.

Now, with the ongoing segmentation of the consumer Market (capital M), making  it as a marketer requires an evolving skillset. Part Content Writer, Part Coder/Programmer, Part social media expert.  And experience with the ancient arts of traditional and direct mail marketing doesn't hurt either. After all, even rocket scientists still study history.  And, on the opposite site of the coin, to be a successful business owner, you'd better get a handle on the very same issues as well.

Everything is about the Web now (even more than yesterday it seems) and the WEB is all about content – original content. So, where are you going to get it? What is it going to say? Where are you going to put it? And that content better fit in as perfectly with the search engines as it does with your marketing message(s). Because of that a new marketer has to know all about webmaster quality guidelines, webmaster tools, and analytics. They better know about RSS feeds and how to syndicate content (blogs, page copy, press releases, reviews, white papers, photos, videos, etc) across multiple channels.

A new marketer better know about backlink strategies, how to use ftp and dig into some code. Not necessarily to write it but to appreciate it enough to find surface level stuff, like images, meta tags, and page text.

A new marketer better know how to localize efforts down to the very core segments that make up your customer base. No more one-size-fits-all advertising. 

You get the idea. Think of it this way. Back in the days when mega-brands still stalked the earth, the consumer Market was like Pangea. Now, as new marketers, we need to realize Pangea is gone, and where navigating through a world that's more like the Galapogos Islands – your brand or business being more like separatingly evolving Finches. Each media outlet produces a different kind of bird (albeit subtle), so don't buy one kind of bird seed.  Observe those separate communities. And then engage them.

New for June: ICND Referral Program

If you scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours.

Starting in June, any new client that refers us to another client that results in a sale, you’ll receive 15% off their previous invoice. So, if you bought $1000 worth of web design services, and you refer us a client that converts into a sale with in 90 days of your invoice, you would recieve a $150 credit (15% of $1000). 

Please contact us today for more details on our Referral Program.

New for June: Sign up for ICND’s Get Found Giveaway

New for June, we're rolling out a new giveaway incentive. All you have to do is register to win!

Our Get Found! SEO Giveaway inlcudes:

Free comprehensive SEO analysis on the top 10 words for your business (based on market, services, and business area), plus 3 months of free hosting services, and FREE implementation of Google Analytics, Smarter Stats, and webmaster tools.

The Winner of this our Get Found! SEO giveaway will be given all the information they need to know to optimize their website for top 10 penetration in the major search engines.

So register today and Get Found with InterCoastal Net Designs.

What We’ve Been Doing in the month of May 2009

Here's a small list of projects we've been working on in the month of May, 2009.

– (integrated Rental Management moduel)
– (full website development, rental property booking engine)
–    Coastal Tee Times (in progress = web design, Social media)
– (Complete web design and MLS integration)
–,, and (SEO, MLS integration)
–    Courtney Leasing (Custom car search interface with car detail page)
–    Integrifirst  (full website development)
–  (e-commerce interface)
–    Cross Fit OIB – (in progress = full website development)
–    AeroFlow Healthcare  (in progress=full website development)

What to get added to the InterCoastal Net Designs line up? See our complete list of web design services and contact us today about any and all of your Internet marketing needs.

InterCoastal Net Designs launches new Internet Marketing Blog

Well with newly hiring Brandon Evans in May, it’s no small surprise that he insisted that we create him his very own Blog for Internet Marketing.


Check out the ICND Internet Marketing Blog for tips, cool apps and widgets, cool websites, cool services, and well, just cool Internet stuff that can help you take your business to the next level.

InterCoastal Net Designs NEW Restaurant Marketing service – Big Business Bowl

ICND is working on a new Internet Marketing service specifically for restaurants. By building and maintaining an email database of customers that restaurants can send their own emails to, our Big Business Bowl service allows restaurants to tap into Internet Marketing for a very affordable price.

What  our Restaurant Marketing service will include:

– Email Database created by marketing specifically to your visiting customers (business card bowl). On a weekly basis, we’ll scan your customer’s business cards into an email database, from which you can blast out your own email campaigns (deals, offers, events, news, etc). We’ll also help you with ways on integrating your email marketing efforts into existing social networking accounts, and within your existing website. Don’t have a social media presence? Check out our Social Media Marketing package.

June Offer. Every business who signs up for our Big Business Bowl service in the month of June will receive 10% off any other web design, development, or marketing service, including but not limited to: custom email design, custom web design, menu design, business card design, and Content Management System implementation.

InterCoastal Net Designs hires Brandon Evans – Interactive Marketing Specialist

Because our client roster continues to expand, ICND has brought a new player on board to help manage our Internet Marketing department. Starting in May, Brandon Evans (former Interactive Marketing Director at DSL Marketing)will be our Internet Marketing specialist (we don’t really like titles, but that one seems descriptive enough) and will pitch in on Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC), email marketing, and of course Social Media marketing – among other things.

Many people know Brandon Evans as the author of the Internet Marketing articles published in Coastal Business Life, the Myrtle Beach Chamber newsletter, as well as the North Myrtle Beach newsletter.

Brandon Evans (we have to use first and last name because Mr. Evans is the third Brandon employed at ICND) brings the same helpfulness and know-how to our team. So, help us welcome him – and continuing with his previous tradition – should you have any questions about anything Internet Marketing related, do not hesitate to drop him an email.

ICND announces Rental Management Service and Software

InterCoastal Net Designs has one of the most extensive web programming departments in the area, so we’re always looking to create the next great module to help our clients grow.

In April, we’ve released our ICND Rental Management Service module (1.0). This module allows rental management companies (whether they are renting heavy equipment to vacation rentals) the ability to rent their wares online. Cut down on sales staff and phone calls and let your website do all the heavy lifting. Want to see an example? Check out the newly released for our rental management module in action.

InterCoastal Net Designs rolls out NEW Social Media Marketing Package

InterCoastal Net Designs doesn’t sit idle on the sidelines. For the last couple of months, we have been developing an effective and manageable social media package, and have rolled it out in May. Because no business is alike, our social media marketing package is fluid enough to respond to the unique needs of your business, market, products, services, and overall expectations. At its core, this package is a consultancy service, and comes with the training and ongoing direction that will build your presence in many of the major social networking outlets. 

Everyone is talking about Social Networking. Find out why. Contact us today about our Social Media Marketing Package.

What’s New at InterCoastal Web Designs: ICND MLS 3.0 upgrade

ICND developed one of the first local MLS services on the Carolina coast nearly four and half years ago, and we’ve continued to fine tune it ever since. We’ve once again refined the usability and functionality of our MLS service, and will be releasing ICNDmls 3.0 in July. Great for easily and affectively pulling real estate properties onto your website, the ICNDmls service is great for fulfilling consumer expectations and search engine optimization (SEO). If you are a real estate agent or realty company, contact us today about our affordable ICNDmls 3.0 service and plug into the power of your own MLS.

Learn more about our Real Estate Web Services and our Real Estate MLS integration services today. Various packages and benefits are avaible for our real estate service(s).