Interactive Marketing News – Google fades, Twitter and Facebook jumps, BingHoo launches.

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Strong Evidence of Stabilization; Google Fades; Facebook and Twitter Gain;
Microsoft Moves Viewed Favorably

CHICAGO, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — To gauge the state of the
interactive marketing industry, the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association
(CIMA) recently conducted its seventh semiannual survey of its members and
associates. Data was collected during August 2009 with 130 survey results
tabulated, analyzed, and prepared by CIMA's partner analyst and Director of
Global Strategy and Operations with The Marketing Store, Troy Mastin.  Mark
Ailsworth, CIMA's President and Director of Midwest Sales for Undertone
states, "CIMA's prior survey results provided industry insights that held true
to form for the marketplace.  The most recent results document interesting
points for debate here in Chicago and nationally."

Clear signs of stabilization following a steep decline in early 2009. Annual
interactive marketing budgets' growth is expected at 8.3% versus 5.0% from the
sixth survey and an average of 18.5% for the first five surveys. On a scale of
one to five (five is very healthy) the industry was rated at 3.39, down
slightly from 3.43 in the last survey, but still below an average of 4.09 with
earlier surveys.

Economic conditions and industry dynamics impacting vertical categories.   The
economy is having a chilling effect on the marketing activity within the
automotive, travel, and financial services industries, which were rated as the
three weakest; a contrast to prior surveys when these categories were viewed
as the strongest.  The consumer packed goods (CPG) category was seen as the
strongest category while the apparel category continues to improve.  The
professional services and telecom categories remain stable and healthy.

Google loses ground to Facebook and Twitter; Microsoft finally makes progress.
Google did not dominate in respondents' views of the best-positioned company.
Additionally, Microsoft's launch of Bing and its Yahoo partnership was viewed
as likely to result in lower share for Google in terms of consumer search
volume and spending

In-depth survey results and an industry panel discussion will occur Wednesday
September 30th, 2009 in Chicago.  Panelists will include senior executives
from Digital Time Inc., Google, Topix, MindShare, and Allstate.

About CIMA: CIMA's mission is to provide a forum for interactive marketing
professionals to share ideas, continue their professional development, and
promote the value and successes of interactive marketing. You can learn more
about CIMA at

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