Instant Software Entech and Property Plus Interface Module

Posted on Categories Vacation Rental Marketing

At InterCoastal Net Designs, we have developed a vacation rental booking interface that harnesses the power of your existing or future use of Instant Software’s products including Property Plus and EnTech.

Our custom interface allows you to seamlessly integrate your listings into your own website, bringing all of that vital content into the core of your business. Typically, when using PropertyPlus and/or EnTech, your website is framed around the information. So, when your web users click through to browse or book a property, they are actually clicking and browsing on Instant Software’s website. Not your own.

So if you're a vacation rental management company and use or are thinking about using Instant Software's Entech or Property Plus products, considering bringing all of your own content back into your own website. Boost your Search Engine Optimization and gain a better customized control of your rental listings. Email us or call 866-249-6095 today and ask us about our Instant Software Vacation Rental Booking Interface module today.