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Did you know that the team here at ICND is packed with some of the smartest, savviest, and sassiest ladies in our the tech and marketing industry?

Let’s take a closer look and see you these awesome ladies are!

The ICND ladies have been inspired by their moms, sisters, & fellow leaders in the Vacation Rental industry like, Rae Sloane (Grandma Rae) from Sloane Vacations as one the very first vacation rental owners starting back in 1955.

Encouraged by various lady bosses who have helped us reach our own goals. Our industry is constantly changing as technology evolves and everyone plays an important part in making sure that our clients have the best advances and services available to them.

Our team is made up ladies from all over the country and each one brings her own set of skills and experiences. We are moms, wives, community leaders, industry experts, friends, & sisters. Browse our profiles below and you will find out what inspires us, what motivates us, and what keeps us ahead of the curve. We all support one another through love, caring, compassion, collective vulnerability and fierceness. We are lifting up the women who came before, who stand beside us and who will come after us. Balancing work, life, health & happiness. Our days may be long but we show up the next day ready to put out the fires and tackle each new challenge that presents itself.


Though I.T. is known to be a male-dominated field, you may be unaware that it all originated with brilliant women.

19th Century mathematician Ada Lovelace was the first person to realize that a “mechanical computing-machine” could be used for more than just calculations. She created the first algorithm, essentially the first program, the foundation of computing.

Grace Hopper was a computer scientist in the Navy during World War 2. She is considered the creator of programming languages based in English, that could be compiled into code understood by a machine. She published the first manuals for others to learn these languages, which accelerated the use of computing worldwide. There is a Navy guided missile destroyer named after her for her intellectual contributions to our victory.

Hedy Lamarr is most known for her career as an actress in films of the ’40s, but in World War 2 she actually developed a radio guidance system intended to block signal jamming by the Allies enemies. It is the basis for Bluetooth and WiFi that we use today.

Our creativity and passion makes an impact each day and as a team we hope to inspire young ladies to not be afraid to follow their dreams and challenge themselves. International Women’s Day is only marked on the calendar once a year, but women are working hard and making huge impacts everyday.

For more information about the entire InterCoastal Net Designs Team see our Team Page. We may have just highlighted the ladies but without everyone ICND would not be an awarding winning company. h

Author: Diamond Frandsen

Diamond is a Digital Marketing Specialist at InterCoastal Net Designs and the ICND Brand Marketing Manager. As a previous Small Business Owner, she is a strong champion for property management companies. A past recipient of the American Express Small Business Champion Award for five straight years Diamond brings valuable insight to her clients. She always thinks like an owner when developing marketing strategies and creative designs. Her artistic approach to solving problems enhances her analytical thinking abilities.