ICND-Custom Facebook Booking Tab

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InterCoastal Net Designs partnered with long-time client, Sloane Realty Vacations to design and implement a tab on Sloane’s Facebook. This is a new app that ICND published which will allow Facebook fans to book properties directly from the Sloane Vacations Facebook page.

This new app is highly recommended for our vacation rental clients, as it provides the customer with an incredibly easy booking experience. The tab even includes several links to the website and mirrors the Sloane Realty Vacations brand. However, this type of app can be used for any of our clients for marketing purposes. Restaurant – why not allow fans to make reservations? Golf Course – let clients set a tee time online. The possibilites are endless.

What we did was took the booking page already created from their new site, adjusted the width of the page to size with Facebook. To make it appear correctly without scrollbars or anything, we created a new app for Sloane – this is not using a free generic Static HTML app.

This is a perfect example of how creativity, programming expertise and tailored marketing efforts are just three goals that ICND strives for with its clients. Contact your Account Manager today and ask what we can do for you social media presence.