How to Add an RSS Feed to your iGoogle Page. Five Easy Steps

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I'm always talking about segmentation and how it's important to try to tie all your internet marketing efforts together. So, here's a great way to pull in your favorite and must have information via RSS feeds onto your iGoogle page. Some people don't use iGoogle – but a lot do.

If you don't, check it out. iGoogle is a great interface where you can pull in alot of Google-owned info, functions, etc into one page – including gmail, blogs (, orkut, google notes, google videos, gadgets, widgets…you get the idea. It's your own personal webpage and there are gadgets that pull in your facebook and twitter stuff. So you can get a lot of you do right from one screen (at least from a monitoring point of view).

But I digress. If you're using social media as a marketing tool, you want to make sure that your posts don't stay segmented. You don't want them only to LIVE within that one channel. You need to give your readers (and accidental readers) the ability to pull your stuff into where THEY want to read. And THEY may be using iGoogle.

So without any further ado. Here's how to add an rss fee to your iGoogle page. (I'll use this blog's RSS url for the example…besides you need to stay updated on what's cooking in Internet Marketing any way, right?)

Step 1:

Log-in iGoogle.

Step 2:

Click on “Add stuff”.

Step 3:

Click on “Add by URL”.

Step 4:

Insert the RSS Feed URL, (for example:

Click on “Add”.

Step 5:

Return to the iGoogle Homepage, you should now be able to see the new Gadget (and if you added ours, you should see all of the posts from the InterCoastal Net Designs Internet Marketing Blog).

Click on the top-right small arrow, and then on “Edit settings”.
Select how many items you want it to display, and “Save”.

That’s it, enjoy!