Hospitality/ Vacation Rental Sites – Puzzled by a recently higher bounce rate?

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Vanessa Humes takes a deeper look at your analytics:

Have you noticed your bounce rate increased?

We’ve been analyzing our customers’ data and noticed a recent increase in the bounce rate happening between July 1st through July 14th.  Around this time, we had more people hit the sites and leave soon enough that Google Analytics (GA) would count them as a bounce.

What’s contributing to my higher bounce rate? 

Our studies are showing that your peak rental season of when you will be able to engage more visitors on your site is from about May 1st to July 14th.  If you have Google Analytics set up on your site, log in, and go under “Content” – “Top Landing Pages” and click on the tab under the title “Top Landing Pages” that says “Entrances”.  Select “Compare Two Metrics” and select “Entrances” as your blue radio button and “Bounce Rate” as your orange.  You should see something similar to this: 

Notice the cris-cross around the middle of July.  With all the other variables remaining stable with your site, and seeing this trend applied to multiple sites, its safe to wager that more people are shopping the web looking for good last minute or weekend warrior deals.

What’s this mean for my site?
Make sure your specials are easy to find when you land on your page.  Preferably, above the fold (the area you see when you hit the website) and only a click away.  Though we still see that people want to search out for what they want specifically rather than first looking at the clearance rack (the specials), the Specials Page is definitely in the top 3-5 top content pages listed.

Make sure you’re also pushing other avenues you announce specials such as signing up for eblasts and social media.  You’ll want your visitors to follow you there so you can capture their information and push these deals to them in the future.  Be creative and detailed oriented.  Stand out from your competition.  You have a couple extra minutes this time of year to breathe so now is the time to really think about how to keep customers on your site and leverage the opportunities with social media and email marketing.

Need more ideas?
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