Holiday Facebook Rebrand

Posted on Categories Social Media

What better way to engage with fans than by celebrating the holiday season via social media? Check out our social media efforts for Seaside Vacation Rentals on their Facebook page. InterCoastal Net Designs highly suggests a social media rebrand once a quarter in order to keep fans and clients interested in the company and its news. The Christmas rebrand for Seaside Vacation Rentals is a high-quality example of how to incorporate outside events and holidays into a marketing campaign. Not to mention, people often associate the holidays with vacationing. What better time for a vacation rental company to demonstrate holiday spirit than with photos, custom designed graphics and special prices on Facebook?

ICND highly recommends to its clients that they either begin incorporating the holiday season into their social media efforts or start thinking about a potential rebrand for the New Year. Clients are always encouraged to keep future marketing efforts on their minds and our team is here to handle creative ideas and implementation of all strategies. Other great tips to consider for holiday social media efforts include festive logos, promotion of local charities and engaging with users through asking holiday plans and memories.