Helping Clients reach 100,000 Facebook Fans!

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The Intercoastal Net Designs team is excited to showcase one of our biggest success stories. Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations started a social media campaign with us back in December of 2012 with around 1,300 Facebook fans. Here we are just 14 months later at over 100,000 Fans and a very active community on Facebook for Myrtle Beach Resort.

How’d we do it?

A lot of credit needs to go to the Myrtle Beach Resort team led by general manager Paul Williams.  It’s much easier to promote a page on Facebook where the property is maintained nicely and the staff treats customers so great.  We piggy backed this customer service by reaching out to the fans and friends of fans with engaging posts and the page spread virally over the course of the first few months.  We ran some great promotions and contests as well as mixing in some email marketing to promote the Facebook page.

It’s exciting to take a page in “hibernation mode” as I like to call it and really bring it to life.  When you take over a Facebook page with 1,300 fans, this means that someone really put forth some good effort to get there.  But at the time of taking it over, fans were not as engaged and the posting had slowed down a bit.  We saw an immediate increase in engagement on the page as we posted more frequently.  Then we began to mix in our other strategies and the amplified growth of fans and engagement was exponential.

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