Google+ Pages Allow Better User Engagement and Analytics Coming Soon!

Posted on Categories Analytics, Social Media

There is no doubt that Google+ Pages are making a big splash in the internet marketing world, especially with it's increasing impact on search engine results.  The platform has definitely lacked something to be desired though in the minds of most marketers.  The level of engagement a page could have with users has been very limited, until NOW!

Google announced today that business pages now have the ability to engage with all users, even if they haven't added your business page to one of their circles! This is pretty huge for marketers trying to engage and target users by area, topic, keywords and more.

Another announcement was made today that Google+ will be releasing a new analytics platform soon.  This will be similar to Facebook's insights, but I wonder how it might be tied into Google Analytics.  This analytics platform is slated to be launched "in the coming weeks."

Google is poised to connect the dots better than any other company with the data they have from  Search, Chrome, Android and now Google+.