Google News: Updates made to Keyword Tool in Google Webmaster Tools

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Google’s team released a new interface for their keywords tool that promises to update your keyword data on a daily basis. The tool, found on your webmasters tools account, is great for tracking the keywords that your pages are getting found for. Google’s team went on to say…

“The significance column compares the frequency of a keyword to the frequency of the most popular keyword on your site. When you click on a keyword to view more details, you will get a list of up to 10 URLs which contain that keyword. This will be really useful when you re-implement your site on a new technology framework, or need to identify which URLs may have been hacked.”

This means that if you suddenly see keywords that don’t make sense to your site (like ‘online buy greenstone xanax poker’) then you can move quickly to remove any unwanted content from your site. Or perhaps you’re not seeing the keywords that you think you should on this list. With that information you can do a few tweaks to your on-page optimization to add some weight to the right keywords.

However you decide to use this tool, it’s always a good thing to be able to see your keywords according to Google.

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