Google News: Quickly Add Coupons to Your Local Business Center Listing

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Do you own a local business or are you responsible for promoting one? Google has recently upgraded their coupon center for local businesses, but more importantly, you can now get these coupons to show on mobile devices. Now admittedly it may seem a little strange at first to walk into a store and show them a coupon on your phone, but this is still a great way to get business for your local clients.

For example, let’s say you’re visiting NYC for the holidays and you have a terrible craving for their Brooklyn style pizza. So, you punch up Brooklyn style pizza on your 3G phone and up pops 10 different ones, but yours has a coupon for buy one large get one free. This is how you can beat out the local competition for you or your client. Simply login to your Local Business Centeraccount and then click the Coupons tab and then Add new coupon.

Then fill out the form.

This will allow your ads to appear for both print and mobile, and that’s it! Say goodbye to the local competition as not many people know about this.

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