Facebook Share Button Makes It Easy To Share

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So you have a blog or forum, and you are gaining lots of great content on there. Many times your readers may see something that they want to share with others on via Facebook, but copying link URLs and typing notes manually can be a burden. The Facebook Share button solves that issue!

Now, by adding a link like the one above to your blog code, you can give them the ability to share your blog entry details and a link  to the individual entry with one click. Facebook will open a small popup window where you can add additional notes if you wish, and select an image to go along with the post in some cases.

Thanks to the work of many diligent programmers, these types of Facebook Share buttons can now be added to all types of blogs, whether they be WordPress, BlogCFC, Blogger / Blogspot, or a custom blog you had specially built for your own site. Because every blog varies to some extent you may need a little technical know-how (or a friend who is a programmer) but the process is fairly quick and painless.

If you have a blog or forum and  you want to include the Facebook Share button in its features, feel free to read up on the Facebook Developers wiki here:  http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Facebook_Share

If that gets a little too deep or out of the scope of your abilities to set up, just drop a note to our Support team at support@icoastalnet.com and we will schedule a time to install it on your website for you.

Cheers, and Happy Blogging!