Facebook Launched New Feature – Embedded Posts

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We’ve got some pretty exciting news about a new feature in the social media world that can really help you engage users on your website through Facebook actions.  Facebook is now allowing you to Embed Posts anywhere on the web.  Well, not quite yet for everyone… The feature is still being rolled out and only available to a select group of users but once it is available, it will be very simple to do.

Take a look at this post from our Internet Marketing Workshop in Myrtle Beach earlier this year.

Lets think of some other ways to leverage this!

  • Testimonials on your website.
  • Realtors featuring a home.
  • Vacation Rentals showcasing a property or special.
  • Ecommerce companies embedding products integrated from Facebook.

The list goes on and on.  Help us with your creativity and share some ideas on how you plan to implement a feature like this.

Contributed by: , Social Media Director