Facebook Facelift: America's Favorite Social Site Rolls out Changes / Redesign

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Facebook has recently added some new features and made some changes that, from this reviewers point of view, helps the user experience quite a lot.

One of the most annoying things I found about Facebook is that my posts (which are ALL very important, and should be read and responded to) can quickly be lost in the "push-down" process of real time postings coming in. Translation: other peoples posts that come in after mine, push mine down and then OFF the wall. No good.

Now you can click on the "most interesting stories" deemed so by the Facebook team/machine. I'm guessing the stories are those posts that get the most interaction, but I could be wrong. "Interesting" is a relative term and I'm curious how a machine could figure that out.

You can also check out all LIVE FEED (which appears as a link at the top of your WALL) to view all the posts in real-time chronological order.

But before you get all misty eyed about Facebook's recent user experience facelift, consider that changes have been made to the "advertising" experience (and the way(s) marketers can advertise) as well.

See all changes at Facebook's official press release: Facebook News.