Explore Edisto Showcases Local Information

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Our newest launch here at ICND is Explore Edisto, a vibrant site that encompasses what this region in Lowcountry, South Carolina has to offer. Edisto is a name that resonates in the hearts of many South Carolinians, as well as vacationers alike. Explore Edisto is actually a magazine publication and we have assisted them in going online, stay tuned for the next published magazine to be on the website.

The site serves to provide a one stop place for locals and vacationers to learn about activities on Edisto Island. We would highly recommend this website to anyone planning their summer beach vacation. It’s chock full of ideas and beautiful photography of the area as well.

InterCoastal Net Designs handled the development of this website which features custom programming and a full content management system. Interested in putting your local area on the map? Contact us today to learn about the tourism websites we have built for Explore Edisto and other customers.