Email Marketing: Plan Now for Post Holiday Campaigns

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When we first posted about strategizing for your holiday marketing it felt like we were gearing up too early, but now we are in the throws of the holiday season. While we are hesitant to think about a time when the holiday cheer has passed, it’s certainly necessary to begin brainstorming for your post-holiday email marketing campaign.

Here are a few key aspects to promote, post Christmas frenzy:

  1. Returns: If you’re an e-commerce client, start gearing up for gift returns that either didn’t fit or totally missed the mark! Eblasts promoting your latest and greatest items may persuade someone to return a gift, and hopefully spend more money!
  2. Money Gifts: Let’s face it, sometimes you’d rather get money from a distant relative, than have them guess what you may like! Many people receive money from family members for the holidays. Send an eblast letting them know why your product or service is the best use of their gift.
  3. New Year, New Changes: Everyone wants to start off the New Year fresh. Promote your company mission, products or services as a way to kick start the New Year. Regardless of whether or not what you offer fits the standard New Years resolution goal, this eblast option can still work if you get creative. For instance, start off the New Year with a planned family vacation in 2014. Something to the effect of making time for family and friends over the course of this New Year!

In short, post holiday marketing can be just as strategic as the campaign you’re implementing right now. Don’t fall short after Christmas and Hanukkah. Strategize now so that prior to taking time off for the holidays, everything will be in place when the team returns to the office.