Cool NEWS of the Day – Google Wave

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So, a common thread I have throughout my many discussions on Social Networking and the "conversations" that ensue is out segemented everything is, and how difficult it is to keep it all together. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to be able to view your emails, IMs, and all your social networking activity, all from one friendly interface? Well, Digsby gets the job done (see previous post), but it isn't nearly inclusive enough to handle all the niche communities popping up all over the web.

Well, Google has put something together to address that very issue of segmented conversations across the Web. It's called Google Wave and quite frankly, it looks very intriguing. First of all, Google Wave is an open source development. That means you can customize it to pull in the conversations that matter most to you (and your business).

Watch the Google Wave video to find out more.