Cool New Web 2.0 Tool of the Month: Google's SideWiki

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It’s been awhile since I’ve noticed anything cool….okay okay. So I haven’t had time. But this popped out at me and I had to make time. Google announced (along with Place Pages….more about that later) the launch of its newest tool called Sidewiki.

Sidewiki is browser based (there’s already a plugin for IE and Firefox, Chrome is on the way. Side NOTE: Personally that’s weird since Chrome is a Google product as well. But…I think that just means the plug in for Chrome will be more inclusive. Mark my words.)

What is the significant of Sidewiki being browser based? It means know every web page in the world, no matter how outdated, will be instantly updated with Web 2.0 functionality.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a fancy way of saying a web page, web site, blog, web element…whatever…has the ability for user interaction. Whether it’s through comments, review, ratings…etc.

What does Sidewiki do?

Easy. It gives you the ability to read and post comments on any page you visit via your web browser. What to say how useful a certain article is? Do it. What to tell the webmaster their use of primary colors is distracting? Do it. Want to say, “Don’t buy this from them? Buy it from me…Go to [insert link]”. Do it.

Think of the possibilities. It’s scary.

Some lingering questions are…won’t Sidewiki possibly promote liable or pitched trench wars between companies big and small. I mean, all it will take is one “hurtful” comment like “Coke makes you fat” and Coke could come down on the user for hurting their brand.

Not that I’m saying I’m against the free flowing information. This is the Age of Opinion after all and everyone has an opinion, because you know, opinions are like….well you get the idea.

So what are you waiting for? Download Sidewiki now and leave me some comments on how you think mass opinions and help or hurt the world at large (or your business for that matter).

Happy posting.