Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

mobile websiteAccording to the results of Adobe’s Mobile Experience Survey done last year consumers prefer using Google to access a mobile website rather than using an app on their phone to make price comparisons, read product reviews and make purchases. A whooping 81% of those doing price comparisons preferred using a mobile website and 79% prefer mobile sites for reading product reviews but just a mere 37% of consumers would be satisfied making purchases using an app on their mobile device. That’s why it’s more important than ever to offer a mobile version of your website for your customer’s use on-the-go.

Google differentiates between a search performed from a desktop or a tablet and a mobile search and returns results accordingly. What happens when you don’t have a mobile site for Google to add to its search results? Do you want to risk being left out of the results entirely?

Creating your mobile site not as simple as just banging out a smaller version of your main website or changing the url to something more mobile search friendly. Survey results say that 40% of users would visit your competitor if they did not like the looks or functionality of your mobile site. Mobile website layout and design matters big time and having web professionals make the conversion for you is worth every penny you spend. Give us a call at 866-249-6095 and we’ll get your website mobile ready.

Real Estate Plug-In For Banking Websites

Online searches for residential foreclosure listings and other bank-owned real estate properties are booming! As people are looking to get a great deal on a property that is available at a greatly reduced rate and a quick sale, banks and other financial institutions are now able to cash in on this trend and help those people find their foreclosures and repossessed properties directly on the banking website.

ICND has recently completed a fully customizable real estate MLS plugin for financial institutions to display real estate properties currently on the market on their own banking website. Just as real estate agents and brokerages can benefit from displaying current property listings from their local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), banks and other financial institutions too can benefit by adding this interactive feature to their website.

One such institution which has just recently integrated this feature into their existing website design is Security Savings Bank in the coastal North Carolina region. They utilized this feature to display their bank-owned property listings on their website.

Not only does this feature add more usability to the banking website, it also helps to increase the banking website search engine optimization! Adding these listings adds a great deal more content to the website related to the types of properties that people are actively searching for. By finding your website listed more often in the search results, you will benefit from more traffic traffic to your website and more new customers in your bank!

If you own a banking website and wish to add this great MLS plugin to your website to display foreclosures or any other types of listings currently on the real estate market, contact InterCoastal Net Designs today!

How To Optimize Your Website Forms For Improved Conversion Rates

Forms are a great way to obtain much needed data from your users but they don’t work if people take one look and back away from them without ever typing a single keystroke. Time and again we’ve seen website form conversion rates that are in the single digits on an otherwise fabulous website. Website conversions can be highly successful if you keep some basic things in mind when creating your forms.

website conversions1. Keep it Short and Sweet — On the initial form, don’t overwhelm people with too many questions. Save those for follow up emails.

2. Use Fewer Form Elements — There are plenty of bells and whistles you could use on a form. Don’t. When you’re after website conversions less is more.

3. Add a Privacy Line — It will reassure your readers to see “We respect your privacy.” so add it or something similar at the bottom of your form to increase your website form conversion rates.

4. Use Optional Form Fields — It’s proven that website conversions are greater on forms with less required fields. Keeps things optional when possible.

5. Include a Lead Form Above the Fold — Lead forms convert best when located above the fold, preferably in the upper right hand corner of the page.

6. How You Write Matters — Sentence casing is better than phrase casing. This is why headlines work so well.

7. Design Buttons That Convert — Design call-to-action buttons that get results. Make them stand out with vivid colors and a size that gets noticed.

8. Use Action Words on Submit Buttons — Punch up your website form conversion rates with something as simple as the wording on your buttons. For instance, “Act now!” is better than “Submit” but “Act now for awesome free stuff!” is even better.

9. Two-Page Lead Form — You will get better results with your form when you use a two-page lead form. Keep the first page of your form simple and ask additional “required” questions on the second page, traditionally known as the “thank you” page.

10. Don’t Use Captcha on Forms — Remember, your objective is to improve your conversion rates. There are plenty of other methods available to authenticate humans are filling out your forms, so use one of them.

Welcome to South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative

We are pleased to welcome South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative with the launch of their newly redesigned website. The website redesign was performed by our professional designers at InterCoastal Net Designs.

With the website redesign members of South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative are able to view and pay their electric bills online using the convenient E-Bill Payment Center. There’s also plenty of energy saving and electrical safety tips on the site as well as an area of recipes. The Member Services section allows you to open new accounts, manage existing ones, update information currently on file, and put in a Service Maintenance or Disconnect Request.

Website Redesign of SCAEC


A Pre-Pay Electric program is now available to qualified members of South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative. The Cooperative will monitor a member’s consumption, generating a phone call or text message when the member is almost “out” of electricity. Pre-Pay Electric members can make payments by telephone through our automated phone system, online through our website, or in person at our Arkadelphia office.

The most beneficial aspect to the member, as well as the cooperative, is reduced consumption. Studies show that members who pre-pay for electric service use 10-12% less energy than those on traditional billing because they are more aware of how much power they are consuming. In turn, demand is reduced for the electric utility distribution system.