Tweets DO Affect Search Engine Rankings

With over 140 million active users, Twitter has become one of the most widely used social media outlets for brands and consumers.  It has become known as a platform where many users spend a considerable amount of their time online, yet brands are still scratching their heads trying to understand how to leverage Twitter for positive ROI.

While there are a lot of different benefits that you will see from a successful Twitter campaign, today we will focus on solely on the effects it has on your SEO.  The industry has questioned the value of tweets in rankings for quite some time; but nobody has ever undertaken a meaningful study over a substantial amount of tweets to try and find out the answer; until now.

“Study shows that URLs receive a significant boost in Google rankings when they are shared on Twitter!”

These SEO benefits can help tie social media activity to revenue figures and encourage further investment in the channel.  In fact, the statistics are pretty impressive!  Here are a few of the key findings from this recent study:

  • URLs receive a significant boost in Google rankings when they are shared on Twitter
  • Average rankings are heavily correlated to the number of tweets about each URL
  • The effects of this boost seem to level out at around 50 tweets
  • After 5,000 tweets the average ranking of URLs improves considerably
  • If a URL receives over 7,500 tweets, it almost always ranks inside the top 5 results

Brands need to be encouraging users to retweet links to commercial pages as part of their social media campaigns, in order to take advantage of the increased rankings that this strategy can deliver.

You might ask yourself, how do you get people to mention you and re-tweet your content?  Well, you need to publish content that touches their emotion and facilitates engagement.

  1. Visually Appealing (Images/Videos)
  2. Originality
  3. Quality
  4. Educational
  5. Entertaining
  6. Valuable
  7. Thought-leading
  8. Don’t be a self promoter all the time!

Lean on the ICND Social Media team to come up with this engaging content and promote your corporate webpages on Twitter and other social media outlets.  Call us today to set-up your free social media audit:  910-575-6095

This research was published by Branded3 earlier this week.

Facebook ROI – 674% in 1 Month

Facebook ROI is often one of the biggest struggles to obtain.  With over 900 million people on this social network, we know the need for us to have a presence but measuring it’s success is also extremely important.  I’m going to go through a recent success story of one of Intercoastal Net Design’s Social Media efforts.

Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring traffic to your site so most marketers look to see how much traffic Facebook is generating to their site.  That’s a good first step, but by adding an ecommerce conversion tracking code to your website, you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook efforts in a real measurable factor; REVENUE!


The chart above represents the ecommerce conversion tracking within Google Analytics for a 5 week period between February 7th and March 13th 2012.  The Facebook page for this client generated $18,705 in sales during this 5 week period. Given their profit margin and the costs involved with managing their Facebook page, their ROI for this period was 674%!

Other ways that you can measure the success of your Facebook page and the posts you are leaving is by the interaction you receive and the number of fans you are growing.  Of course, you are looking for good quality targeted fans, not just any person who is willing to click a button on your page.  A strong social media strategy will effectively post visual content at key times of the day and target users in your target market.  In the end, all of this top of mind advertising leads to one thing, conversion which is the result we’re showing our clients.

If you’re interested in similar results from your social media presence, call the ICND Team today to set up your free business social media audit:  910-575-6095

Utilizing Social Media As An SEO Tool

social media marketingWith social media marketing already a part of your business strategy there’s power to be harnessed in those social media accounts. Follow these social media SEO strategies if you want to successfully compete against the bigger players.

Put A New Emphasis On Building Relationships & Increasing Followers — Everything you write or share can appear in the search results of your followers, even if they’re not a member of the social media marketing site you shared the link on.

Start Posting Your Articles Immediately On Social Media — Set your articles to automatically post on Google+, LinkedIn, etc. and you’ll get indexed even quicker.

Focus On Shareable Content — Getting someone to share your content gives you access to that user's network.

Ramp Up Your Google+ Presence — You can find yourself as a first-page ranking solely because someone put you in a G+ circle. That’s a benefit no site can afford to ignore.

Get On Pinterest — It sends nearly as much referral traffic to your site as Twitter and much more than YouTube, G+ and LinkedIn combined.

Add +1 Buttons To Everything — +1 is Google's version of the Facebook like button. It's an easy endorsement to enhance social media SEO that you shouldn't miss using.

Use “Rel=author” &  “Rel=me” Tags To Link Your Work To Your Name —
Use "rel=author" in your posts so readers can link to all of your work.

Use A “Pin It” & A StumbleUpon Button On Your Site — Pinterest has great link traction while StumbleUpon is second only to Facebook in terms of referral traffic.

Utilizing Video As An Internet Marketing Tool

Internet marketing with online ivideoWant to be on the cutting edge of Internet marketing? With YouTube being the second largest search engine on the Internet, online video is one of the newest and hottest ways to market your company.

Many people are overwhelmed at the thought of making an online video for their business because they’re camera shy or think it’s more involved than it actually is. It’s actually quite simple and videos don’t have to be very long at all. Most digital cameras can record a video. Many computers come with a video cam installed or you can attach one that can record videos. Or you could use a simple video camera like the Cisco Flip video to record it.

Make a short video of a couple minutes duration promoting something your business does or offers. It’s not necessary to mention all of your services in one video. This is definitely a time when “less is more”. Get creative with it. Be witty. Bring in props. You want to make your online video anything but boring and once you’re comfortable with it, make additional videos. Internet marketing that allows you to be creative is marketing that is going to work wonders for your business and is marketing that you can do yourself. If you don’t have the creative desire or the time, hire the project out. But definitely climb on board with this type of marketing.

What causes this to be such a successful tool for Internet marketing is the use of your keyword phrases. Using them in your video titles, descriptions and tags helps your videos to achieve higher search results. Optimize your “About Me” section and “Channel Description” areas by using your keywords. Set up Playlist Categories titled after the services you offer and other keywords you want your business associated with. Then take your videos to other video sharing sites and post them there as well as on your company's website.

Google Places – Let Us Take You There

Google PlacesIt appears it’s no longer enough for local businesses to be ranked well in Google search engine results but now it’s of even more importance to be listed in the results of Google Places. With 97% of consumers searching on line for local businesses it’s important that your business be there.

It’s easy enough to get listed in Google Places. Using an existing Google account for your business, go to Google Places and set up your Google Map listing…for free! If you’re not sure if you already have one, just type in your business phone number and your question will be answered. Once you are registered, you get to work towards better ratings on the Places page and we’ll tell you what that involves.

Google ranks its results on the Places page based on relevancy. The most relevant are those listings that have the most activity associated with them via citations, reviews and user content. For those who don’t know, citations are any mention of your business name, address, and phone number anywhere on the Internet that Google travels. When Google crawls content across the web and finds a citation for your business they give you a point. Those with the most points go to the top of the list. It’s as simple as that.

All citations are not created equal though so it’s important to get citations from sites that Google values highly for your type of business. Don’t know what those are? Let InterCoastal Net Designs bring you to the top of the Google Places results. The SEO professionals at ICND know how to speak the language of Google and look forward to working with you.

7 Ways to Boost SEO of Your Facebook Pages

Facebook PagesFar too often people will create a Facebook presence for their business without any regard for search engine optimization. Google indexes Facebook Pages on a regular basis just like it does any other website so it’s important to use whatever way you can to boost SEO on these pages. Everything that is necessary when optimizing your website is just as important on your Facebook Pages.

Here are 7 ways to boost SEO of your Facebook Pages:

1. Keep in mind that any gated pages you have (ie, pages requiring a “Like” or “invite” in order to gain access) will not be indexed by Google.

2. Often and consistently use your brand or business name in headings and page tabs.

3. While wall posts are indexed, it’s custom tab titles and “Likes” that hold the most weight and will give you the greatest return.

4. Links from multiple sources help a lot with SEO. Links to custom tabs on your business page will be weighted heavily if they’re from popular and recognized sources.

5. Multimedia posted on your Facebook Pages are an excellent opportunity for SEO enriched titles, descriptions and alt tags.

6. Be sure to put your SEO-rich text where the search engines can see and index it. Keep in mind that any text embedded in an image will not get indexed.

7. Nothing beats well-managed pages. Keep your content fresh, interesting, and engaging to get the most fans and keep search engines coming back.

Google+ Business Pages

One of the leading trends in marketing on the Internet today is managing your online reputation through Google+ Business Pages, a new feature released by Google in October.

Businesses of any size and in all industries should take advantage of the new Google+ Business Pages if for no other reason than for the major SEO benefits. Having a business page on Google+ will increase your company’s web presence far beyond where your website and Facebook will take you. If you think because you use Facebook you’re all set, you should think again! Google+ Business Pages work better than Facebook Profiles in that what you post on Google+ will increasingly appear in Google search results, something Facebook postings for your business will not typically do.

The more you can advertise your business in a positive light on the web – regardless of which social media you select – the better your chance of ranking higher and more frequently in search results. What this means is that better rankings equals more website visitors, which results in more leads, that equates to more sales dollars for you.

While Google+ Business Pages are in the early stages, and no doubt have a few kinks to work through, publishing a page now will have you ahead of this wave of the future. Google is gaining speed and popularity with it’s +1 campaign being introduced.

Give ICND a call today to discuss how you can climb on board with Google+ Business Pages and improve your SEO performance.