Dwellable’s 8-Step Guide to a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Numbers don’t lie. It’s estimated that six in ten Americans have pets, and upwards of 45% of Americans own dogs. That makes for a pet-services market determined to be worth $11 billion to $50 billion USD.

How do you convert to a pet-friendly vacation rental? It’s easier than you think, and welcoming Fido opens the door to a huge, untapped slice of the market.


1) Check your insurance policy

Many policies have standard breed restrictions that won’t cover certain types of dogs or animals. Make sure that you abide by these guidelines so that your policy holds up in the rare instance that man’s best friend gets feisty.


2) Decide: Cats, dogs, or both? How many?

Some vacation rentals allow cats, and some put a weight restriction on dogs. Some guests might want to bring a zoo. Think about the impact of each type of animal (noise, dander, smell), decide on your restrictions, and make them clear up front.


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