Brunswick County Employee of the Year – Our Very Own David Hutnik!

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David Hutnik, Social Media Director and beloved team member of InterCoastal Net Designs was just named the Employee of the Year for Brunswick County. Since moving to Brunswick County exactly two years ago this spring, David has become a valuable player for both ICND and Brunswick County alike. We couldn’t be more proud of his recognition as employee of the year being that it is well deserved for David!

Not only does he stay on top of all the up and coming social media trends, but he also represents our company and in return Brunswick County by speaking at multiple conferences and businesses throughout the US, educating them on Social Media and how it can help improve their business. David carries our company motto of superior service with him everywhere as he does this.

Hutnik is the chair of the Oyster Festival road race, new mud run in Brunswick County as well as a member of the Leadership Brunswick County organization. David leads a service project team that has created a website where the mission is to promote volunteerism in our county. This website is completely designed, built and hosted by ICND volunteers. He is also putting on a new running event in Sunset Beach to benefit the Sunset Beach Seaturtle Watch Patrol

David has proven to show a real passion for both his career and community, thus making him the best fit for this award. We consider him the morale booster here at ICND and are happy to see him sharing that positive attitude and work ethic with Brunswick County too.

ICND reachs nationwide with our client base, but David’s volunteerism in our local county shows attention to detail when it comes to our local roots as well. Way to go David!!

David Hutnik