Browser Security Settings, In each web browser ( ie, chrome, firefox, etc) there are ….

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 Browser Security Settings

What are Browser Security Settings?
In each web browser ( ie, chrome, firefox, etc) there are security settings that can impact your experience and functionality while using the internet. These settings can block you from being able to upload and download materials, which can effect your usage while trying to upload something like a photo in your admin area.

How do I change them?

Each browser works differently, has different settings and different ways to adjust those settings.


Internet Explorer (we do not recommend using this browser)

Security settings are changed by adjusting your security “zones”. Setting your zone somewhere in the middle to medium would be best. This will allow security without effecting most of the functions that you would normally use this browser for.

To adjust these go to the Tools menu and chose internet options

Then click the security tab and move the settings to the desired security amount.

Once you chose your setting then click OK

If you do not see the slider to control the setting, then click default level, and then move the slider to the desired security level.



Chrome’s settings are a little more in depth. To change the settings in Chrome go to the Chrome menu  Chrome menu