Barefoot Technologies Logo Redesign

Posted on Categories Vacation Rental Marketing, Web Design

InterCoastal Net Designs and Barefoot Technologies have been partnering together to help mutual vacation rental clients for many years.  We are both members are the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) and enjoy working together on projects. Barefoot provides a user friendly Property Management system for vacation rental companies, and ICND uses the API to integrate with a custom designed website for seamless user experience.

Recently Barefoot approached ICND with a project; redesigning their logo and creating a newsletter template for them to utilize in their email marketing campaign. We’re excited to announce their new logo choice below!

ICND’s design team worked with the Barefoot team to capture a more modern look and feel, while sticking to the base of Barefoot Brand.  Now that the logo has been completed, we hope to have a newsletter design soon! We’re excited to work with a member of the VRMA community not only on mutual client projects, but on their internal efforts as well.