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Targeted Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads:

Precise Targeting & Lower Costs!

ICND Adspend packages are broken down into hourly time spent per month to focus on your account. We gauge time allocation based on budget. We are poised in a unique situation that allows us to manage many complementary businesses in the area and leverage this for extreme targeting. (Fans of other area influential businesses)

Types of Advertising Options on Facebook: Facebook ad platform is continually evolving and improving to meet the needs of marketers and amplify the way we can reach users.

• Sponsored Stories • Standard Ads • Promoted Offers
• Sponsored Likes • Promoted Posts • Mobile Targeting
• Sponsored Results • Promoted Videos • Facebook Exchange (remarketing)
• Possible "Graph Search" ad functionality coming soon! (In beta as of 1/15/2013)

Focused Targeting: ICND will use precise targeting of nearby complementary businesses, competitors, interests, likes, age, gender, education level, job title/employer (salary range) and MUCH more.

Ad Creation: Effective and strategic images using call-to-actions, faces, and clear text; along with our batch ad creation and A/B testing gives us a clear advantage. Creation of multiple campaigns is essential to ensure proper ad display throughout the network. This is an ongoing process to create/test/improve monthly and to avoid ad fatigue and lower PPC costs.

Cross Device ROI Measurement: ICND can create a conversion tracking pixel for your Facebook ads that is placed on your website on your designated "conversion page or form". This is measured across multiple devices and often yields a 40% lower cost per conversion this new optimized CPM (OCPM) method versus CPC.

Monitoring: Hyper targeting is vital to effective monitoring. There are a number of factors during the monitoring stage that can increase performance and adspend effectiveness.

• Watch CTR and pause poor performing ads • Leverage ad rotation
• Run ads during certain times of the day • Scheduling
• Budget by campaign with results driven indicators • Bulk editing methods

With over 1 Billion users on Facebook, we can target by age, location, relationship, sexual preference, interests, friends of fans, job title (income), employer, fans of other key industry pages and MUCH MORE! We can leverage sponsored stories from interactions done on your page or reach out through the standard ad network; both very effective!

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