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30 Day Social Media Contests

Make Your Social Media Work For You!

What we need from you: All that ICND needs from you is to supply a significant prize. This could be a combination of prizes that create the ultimate weekend getaway or a 7 night oceanfront stay. The bigger the prize, the better your results will be.

What you will get from ICND:

  1. High powered mobile friendly webpage to host the contest. (1.5 hours)
    • This page will include the rules, share functionality, strategic designs that incorporate your branding and key call-to-action buttons that increase fan/follower conversions. We focus on encouraging shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ while capturing email addresses and converting new Facebook fans.
    • We will also design a 2nd (mobile specific) landing page for the contest that aims at converting new fans from a mobile device.
  2. Eblast design, coding, and delivery to your database. (2 hours + send fee)
    • Your eblast design will be using a proven method that ICND has created to increase opens, CTR and ultimately new fan conversions.
  3. Additional Designs (1.5 hours)
    • Homepage Call-to-Action Design
    • Facebook Cover Photo Design
    • 5 Strategic Post Designs
  4. Management of the Contest (5 hours) (3 hours for current monthly Social Media clients)
    • Along with the creative posts, we want to ensure virality of page and encourage sharing. We will manage your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ presence with daily posts, engage your new fans with creative content and convert them with exciting offers and specials based on your current promotions.

Contest Process: We will need 2 weeks to create all of the designs and build your custom contest strategy. We will send everything to you for approval and be ready to launch the contest. When we are ready to launch, ICND will begin monitoring your entire social media presence and we ask that you do not post during this period. We have a very strategic plan outlined for when, how, and what to post during specific times of the day to optimize your conversions of fans and convert to leads and sales as well. Upon contest completion, we will announce the winner and provide you the information to make contact with them.

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