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Modern technology has revolutionized the way that Myrtle Beach companies of all sizes advertise and compete on a local, national and global scale. This marketing revolution has been instrumental in the expansion of both small companies and large corporations in Myrtle Beach. If you are seeking a new cutting edge marketing solution that will allow your company to expand its reach, target new customers, and enhance your bottom line then Myrtle Beach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the solution for you. Let the SEO experts at ICND assist your organization in leveraging the possibilities and power of the Internet.

Which level is right for you?

ICND understands that business solutions are not "one size fits all". ICND’s Myrtle Beach SEO packages are available in Basic, Advanced and Gold with a host of additional options available. Our standard features were developed with essential performance in mind and offer clients the basics to gain visibility in their business category with superior results. Whether you are looking for the basics or a supercharged SEO campaign to put your business on the fast track there is a Myrtle Beach SEO package that is right for you.

Service* Description
Page Speed Analysis A website can be poorly programmed, render out properly in a browser window, but be frowned upon by the search engines. We look at content to code ratio, ensure that your code is well written, and is compliant the to HTML standards.
Competitor Analysis We will review your competitors Link Structure, review source code including title tags, tags, meta tags. Also a thorough back link analysis will be performed.
Baseline Ranking We will provide you with a report that displays were you website ranks in each of the major search engines based on the keywords we have selected. This report is provided on a bi-weekly basis and shows you the exact position you rank on each search engine for each given phrase.
Link Building Campaign Link building is a very important aspect of our off-page search engine optimization plan. We focus on building quality inbound links to your website and get you the referral and organic traffic you're looking for.
Content Optimization We analyze the content on each page of your website and ensure that the most popular content is being used within the copy and that we are creating an amazing user experience.
Site Structural Analysis Website code is similar to the wood used to frame your house. Is the code that was used to create your website sound and search engine friendly? We analyze how the search engines see your page and make your page bot and user friendly.
URL Optimization This is a two part component. First if we are optimizing a site for "This Widget" we would prefer to have a domain name to work with that contains a phrase we are optimizing for. The perfect scenario would be We will analyze the domain name / keywords and make a domain name recommendation if the site is new and has no ranking. The second component to this is we do our best to prevent using domain / URL strings with question marks and ampersands. i.e. we will convert to
Blogging Tools ICND will provide you with more then just a basic blogging tool. We offer a program that allows your viewers to subscribe to RSS feeds, search the blog post and track down events by date. We offer one of the most advanced blog tools available.
Monthly Email Marketing E-blast are one of the most effective ways to drive existing viewers back to your site. Over time, as more organic traffic is driven to your site, your email database will increase in size. We have the tools available to help you effectively reach back out to those individuals and offer updates and specials.
Local SEO Strategy We understand at ICND that most important thing is a high ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but we also submit your website to the many other search engines and directories that exist. Our thought on this is that all the other search engines combined may only count for a few percent of the search traffic, but every little bit helps!
Technical SEO Analysis In order to help the search engines find all of the newest content, news updates, images, and other changes to your site faster, we will add a sitemap XML feed file, as well as three other sitemap file formats that the top search engines check to see file dates, frequency updated, etc. .
Detailed Google Analytics Tracking ICNDhosting Service office a website traffic monitoring program that is real time. At any point and time during your Search Engine Optimization campaign you can login real-time and review your website traffic, conversions and more.