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Mobile Phone Website Design

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The amount of people who own internet-capable mobile phones these days is growing quickly. It is becoming more and more common to see people checking their email, bank accounts, sports scores and anything else important to them on their smartphones. Companies who have a traditional website can benefit greatly by having a version of their website optimized for mobile devices.

The most common type of information found on mobile phone websites are recent news, business information, real estate listings, restaurant menus, etc. When users are on the go and need a quick reference, they can find a companies mobile website and find just the right information they are looking for quickly and easily.

For websites with blogs, a mobile version of the page can increase traffic to the site. By having your blog accessible to users' cell phones, readers can be up to date on your content, anytime, anywhere. Mobile websites allow you to broaden the scope of your audience and provide them your content, they way they enjoy viewing it.

With web-capable mobile devices greatly outnumbering PCs these days, take advantage of the opportunity to mobilize your site and reap the benefits mobilization has to offer.

Mobile Website Quick Facts

  • Mobile Subscriptions now reach over 3 billion people
  • Roughly 84% of mobile website users expect the website they are visiting to have a dedicated mobile website for easy mobile browsing
  • With the release of the IPhone, Treo, and Blackberry phones the number of users accessing mobile websites climbed to over 85%
  • Without a mobile phone accessible website, you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of viewers.