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Your company logo is everywhere, on every form of advertising and media that you produce. It is important that you find a logo designer who can grasp the look and feel of your company brand, and express it in logo format. InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) has very talented logo designers to create that perfect look! Whether you are looking to rebrand, or start from scratch, our team is here to help capture the perfect look and feel. Logo design is the first step, and then we can create other advertising and marketing outlets based on the logo. From your website to print design needs, it is important to start with a solid logo. Read More


When designing a logo, it is important to make sure you create the original as a high resolution file. Websites require the logo to be displayed in a lower resolution, but when you begin to use the file for print design, you will need to use the higher resolution file. It is very simple to scale the design down for websites, but you cannot go back and create a high resolution file from a web quality file. It is important to always hang on to these high resolution files so you don't have to go back and start from scratch late. ICND logo designers make sure you files are designed to the larger resolution to begin with, to not create a problem down the road. We can then use the files to any form of print or web design, even billboard design!

Creativity is also an important and is a must have skill for all ICND logo designers. We want to make sure your logo catches peoples attention and is memorable. Think of the McDonalds Golden Arches, the Starbucks Mermaid, the Nike Check. All of these visions started with a simple design and became world wide recognizable sensations. While we might be operating on a smaller scale, we still want to make sure your logo design is quality. Something you feel comfortable representing your company. ICND logo designers will work diligently to brand your company! If you are interested in a rebrand or ICND logo design, or would like more information, call us ay 910.575.6095 or click here.