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According to the TIAA (Travel Industry Association of America) 40% of the United States adult population uses the internet to research, and plan their travel arrangements. That figure is equivalent to approximately 90 million travelers annually. Of the 40% using the internet to conduct travel related research 27% will reserve online. Are you visible?

ICND has been assisting in the creation of online travel brands for nine years. Our client base consists of Destination Travel Organizations, local Chamber of Commerce, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and Bed and Breakfasts. We have assisted our clients in the areas of reservation interfacing, database creation, web design and search engine marketing.

At ICND we understand the unique set of needs facing the modern travel industry. The market is competitive, and often driven by price, and the human resources and operating expenses are skyrocketing. Our panel of programmers, designers, and marketers can assist you in evaluating your current technology and business intelligence plan. We can systematically help you streamline and automate many of the costly and time consuming daily functions. By developing customized solutions or using one of our current products we will assist you in generating and retaining revenue so that you can continue to grow and expand your market reach.


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