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As local and national governments are in a constant battle to do more with fewer resources, the online environment is becoming a vital tool in assisting citizens and constituents. Many municipalities, counties and state agencies are developing online web presences to better serve the public. An online web presence allows government entities to be "open" 24 hours a day and gives the public access to scores of pertinent information.

At ICND we have assisted many government organizations in creating online channels of communication so they can keep in touch with local citizens. In today's ever changing world technology plays a key role in enhancing community.

ICND can assist in designing a government website that will allow entities to:

  • Reduce costs in providing program materials about government services.
  • Automate functions to free up human resources for more demanding projects and reduce paperwork.
  • Better serve the public by offering around the clock access to emergency information, and other important communications.
  • Create a channel for citizens to communicate directly with appointed and elected officials.
  • Provide direct access to detailed minutes and other documents from public meetings.
  • Enhance citizen participation by delivering information in an interactive way.
  • Post jobs and accept resumé's.
  • Allow citizens to apply for benefits and register/renew public services such as library cards and drivers license.
  • Meet the American Disabilities Act standards for online web accessibility.
  • Offer new programs by reaching out to more citizens.