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With the American economy in a constant and uncertain state of fluctuation, scores of adult learners and traditional high school graduates are flooding classrooms online and onsite. Education is a blossoming American industry with a secure and expanding future. As with any expanding industry Education institutions are faced with the need for heightened technology solutions to better attract and serve there students.

Whether your organization is a traditional brick and mortar institution, an online entity or a small hometown private high school ICND can help meet your business intelligence needs. The staff at ICND can assist your institution with the following:

  • Help reduce human resource expenses and increase productivity through the development of automated online systems for enrollment, registration, and financial aid.
  • Create an easily navigable administrative interface for student to teacher collaboration.
  • Develop a highly effective interactive marketing campaign to target new clients, develop brand awareness and increase traffic to the organization's website.
Interesting Education Facts
  • Online education accounts for 7 percent of postsecondary education. (Eduventures Market Research)
  • By Early 2008, one in ten college students will be enrolled in an online degree program.
  • The largest high school graduating class in U.S. history will be in 2009. (Online Degree Programs Take Off, By Lois Romano, Washington Post Staff Writer, May 16, 2006)
  • Seventy - one percent of prospective college students begin their college search as high school sophomores or younger. (Eduventures)
  • More than half of online students live within the same state as their college or university.
  • 51% of high school juniors and seniors are more likely to apply to a college that offers a study abroad program.