How to set up broswer based FTP - Broswer Based FTP Tutorial - How to use your broswer to FTP

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Setting Up Browser Based FTP

InterCoastal Net Designs - Using Internet Explorer for FTP

How to use Internet Explorer for FTP

This tutorial shows you how to use Internet Explorer for FTP.


  1. Open Internet Explorer and remove the current address in the address bar. Enter the URL given to you with your FTP information. Do not add www or http to it. Press enter and you will see a login box. Enter your FTP username and password then click Log On. NOTE - ICND FTP passwords are case sensitive. If you have entered the information correctly, you will see all of your website files represented as icons in the browser. You can drag them to your desktop and drop them there so you can edit them. When finished editing you can drag the new file back and drop it in the browser. When finished, just close the browser.