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Setting Up Adobe Contribute

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Setting Up Your Adobe Contribute FTP Connection

This tutorial shows you how to set up Adobe Contribute to work with your FTP account. ICND does not send Contribute keys and only allows Contribute to be used via FTP. Contribute is only supported through the process of connection. ICND does not support the editing functions.

To Set Up Your FTP account in Adobe Contribute:

  1. In Adobe Contribute, click Create Connection, choose Website, and enter the complete url of your website (EG - and click Next.

  2. When asked how to connect choose FTP. In the next box enter the FTP server URL (EG - you were given with your FTP information. In the next box enter the FTP username you were given. In the last box enter the FTP password you were given. ICND FTP passwords are case sensitive. Now click Next.

  3. Adobe Contribute will now attempt to connect and verify the information you have given it. If you are unable to connect, please re-check the information you have entered. If you are not able to connect, please contact your customer service rep to verify the information.

  4. If your connection was successful you will be asked to enter your name and email address. These are related to account premissions set up by your Contribute administrator and are not set or controlled by ICND. You will need to refer to your Contribute administrator or your internal support from this point on in Contribute. ICND does not support Contribute beyond the connection stage.