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ICNDgolf Booking Engine

ICND's Golf Booking Engine was designed with usability and performance in mind. The easy to use module was designed to offer flexibility and can be implemented in any American or International golf market. This application is ideal for Accommodations Providers as well as golf planning specialists. Increase your golf revenue and lower your human resource expenses by implementing this automated system today. This will help you free up your Golf Directors time so they can focus on more important tasks.

Search Fields* Vacation Information Search — Function Descriptions
Date of Arrival This will allow the End User to quickly select the date they wish to arrive using a simple text field or a calendar menu.
Number of Nights Select the number of nights using a simple drop down text menu. The end user may select a number of nights between 1 and 16. The default will be set at 4 unless otherwise specified.
Number of People An easy drop down text menu will allow the end user to easily select the number of people. The selection range includes 1 to 20 and 20 or more. The default will be set at 4 unless otherwise specified.
Package Type* Golf and Lodging will be automatically selected unless otherwise requested.
*The addition of Package Types will result in additional fees for customization.
Search Fields* Available Golf Courses — Function Descriptions
Date This will display the available dates generated from the "Date of Arrival" search from the Vacation Information Search above. Unless otherwise specified this will display availabilities for the "Date of Arrival" requested above and four consecutive days thereafter.
Golf Course The end user will be able to select - using a drop down menu - from the areas most requested golf courses. The default selection will be "No Choice".
People Select the total number of people. Available Selections Range from 1 to 4 with four being the default selection.
When This will allow the client to select from several options including: Earliest Available, Latest Available, and See Comment.
Comments End Users will be able to make general comments and requests about there booking selections.
Details Features* Available Lodging - Function Descriptions
Units Needed System will determine the number of units needed based on the number of guest.
Max People This will display the maximum number of people that a lodging unit will allow.
Accommodation A description of the unit including type of unit and number of bedrooms.
Resort Identifies the resort the accommodations are available in.
Reserve Allows visitors to easily and quickly select the appropriate accommodation and reserve.
Result Fields* Confirm your Itinerary - Result Descriptions
Basic Info Describes the basic details of the reservation including: Package Type, Start Date, End Date, Number of Nights, People
Room Info A recap of the basic information pertaining to the room which will include room type and location.
Golf Reservations Details about the golf reservations including: Golf Course, Players, Date, Comments
Lodging Reservations This will recap the basic information about the vacation package and will include: Accommodation Type, Resort, Units Booked, Arriving Date and Departure Date.
Pricing Information This will list the details of the package pricing including: Final Package Cost per person, Final Total Package Cost.
Customizable Results Policies Page
Deposit Information* Details the deposit requirements for finalizing a reservation.
Cancellation Policy* This informs the customer of the current cancellation policy in place.
Data Fields Billing Information - Function Descriptions
Personal Information This will include data fields for First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Email, Daytime Phone and Home Phone
Billing Information Data fields will include a check box for Same as Personal Information, Name as it appears on credit card, billing address, city, state, zip, credit card number, credit card expiration, credit card type (American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Mastercard, Visa), Specials Requests and Instructions field.
Confirmation Page
The confirmation page will detail the information about the reservation including arrival date and golf itinerary. This field is fully customizable.