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ICNDe-store packages have been designed with the shopper in mind. We have included the fundamentals for an easy and effective online shopping experience. ICNDe-store packages will allow the shopper to shop your e-store efficiently as if they were browsing through your brick-and-mortar store. The E-Store application will be framed into your current or developing website. If you are interested in customizing the platform please speak with an Account Representative.

Basic Basic Package Descriptions
Basic E-Commerce Fields Product Category, Product Name, SKU #, Product Description, Weight, Dimensions, MSRP, Sales Price, Availability, Image Upload, Quantity Available, Backorder Available, up to 2 Custom Fields
Online Real Time Shipping Integration We will integrate online real-time shipping into your website allowing for accurate and monthly billing for all of your shipping
Online Credit Card Merchant Integration Once a credit card merchant is selected and approval granted, we will integrate your real time credit card processing into your store for immediate payments
SSL Certificate (1 year) Encrypts your customers data from your website to the credit card merchant. After the one year period expires a new certificate will need to be purchased
Plus Plus Package Descriptions
All Basic Features  
Up to 5 Custom Fields Up to 5 custom fields will be available for your product data entry
Account Login Shoppers will be able to update their profile, store their data for fast checkout, ship-to address book, sign up for email specials, view / track orders
Advanced Advanced Package Descriptions
All Basic and Plus Features  
Up to 7 Custom Fields Up to 7 custom fields will be available for your product data entry
Promo Codes You will have the ability to create promotional codes for various discount / specials. Past codes will be stored online so that marketing efforts can be strengthened on redemption trends
Additional Shipping Integration An additional online real-time shipping account can be integrated into your store so that you can offer additional shipping options to shoppers
Featured Product You will have the ability to select up to 1 product to be designated as a Featured Product on the website
Premium Premium Package Descriptions
All Basic and Plus and Advanced Features  
Up to 10 Custom Fields Up to 10 custom fields will be available for your product data entry
Unlimited Featured Products Your products will rotate automatically, allowing shoppers a wider range of your product lines to be visible immediately. There will be no maintenance required on your end
Wish List Viewers that have an account will have the option to save items to a Wish List to be saved for future shopping. The wish list will also contain the ability to be emailed so that they can utilize for holidays, birthdays, etc.

Allow an ICND team member to customize an innovative online store for you. Whether you are interested in creating a new website or integrating ICNDe-store into your existing website, ICND provides the service you need. Teaming up with ICND will make your website the brick-and-mortar of the online shopping experience.

Contact us today at or give us a call at 866-249-6095.