Welcome to The Academy of Coastal Carolina

The newest addition to our family of clients is The Academy of Coastal Carolina who had their website designed and built by the professionals at InterCoastal Net Designs. This Christian school is located in Shallotte, North Carolina. Their popular website includes a large photo gallery, interactive calendar so parents and students can stay current with happenings in the school, and a built-in uploader app for ease in uploading forms.

The Academy of Coastal Carolina opened in the fall of 2006 in Shallotte, North Carolina, with 27 students. The program has expanded to include a program for 3 Year Olds, Transitional Kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds, as well as classes for Kindergarten through 8th grade. All grades are taught history, science, mathematics and language arts. In addition, physical education, foreign language, Bible classes and strong art and music programs are offered.

The website contains an E-Newsletter signup area, a supply list where various supplies needed by the school are listed, and information on how you can support the academy in other ways. Links to various YouTube videos about the school are posted on the site where prospective students and their families can learn about The Academy of Coastal Carolina and how to register for the next semester classes.

The Academy of Coastal Carolina

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