Website Guides Retirees Through Uncharted Territories

InterCoastal Net Designs would like to announce our newest website launch, the Retirement Handbook. When it comes to retiring, there’s never a shortage of important information and details to be considered. We assisted our client in the creation of a one-stop spot that allows potential retirees to begin dreaming about the day they’ll finish work forever. ICND is excited about the many features offered in this page, including an open forum for retirement discussion, a platform for businesses to target retirees by location and information on important retirement topics such as health, finance and real estate. Each location listed is intended to facilitate contact between retired community members and businesses in their area; the website refers to these as GeoCenters. As the site expands to new areas, more GeoCenters will be added for businesses to sponsor articles, add business directories, and answer inquiries as guest panel advisors for the site users.

As a company located in the coastal region of North Carolina, we are very familiar with vacationing and retirement near the beach! We’re always thrilled to help our clients take on new ventures, and we’re excited to see the growth of the Retirement Handbook as a reference for retirees in our region and throughout the United States.

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