Seaside Real Estate Boosts Fresh Look, New Functionality

We are proud to announce the launch of Seaside Real Estate’s newly redesigned page with custom functionality all produced by our staff at InterCoastal Net Designs. Everything is unique to Seaside Real Estate on this website, from the array of Lowcountry S.C. photos, to easily searchable property listings. We believe this website shows the best of what we have to offer to our real estate clients. The look, design and functionality of this web page are a direct reflection of the client’s wishes. Not to mention, the addition of ICNDmls3.0, which is designed to enhance client usability and customize searches.

Seaside Real Estate promises to “be professional, honest, work hard and be attentive to your real estate needs and solutions.” As we value professionalism, honesty and hard work here at ICND too, Seaside Real Estate has been a joy to design and program for. Owner and operator, Rob Maddox, started buying investment properties of his own in the Beaufort region in September of 2000 and slowly progressed into a full real estate agency. It is the hands on experience of the owner that help a company like Seaside Real Estate better serve their clients.

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