Responsive Vacation Rental Booking Engine

ICND is proud to be weeks away from releasing the very first responsive vacation rental booking engine. We’re not 100% sure, but we’re thinking this may be a first for the industry! The news from Google earlier this year that responsive sites were the way to go, put our rear in gear to comply with the search giant’s requests.


Being responsive allows for the site to re-size itself automatically from desktop, to tablet, to mobile versions based on, actually, 5 different scenarios of CSS code written. Responsive design increases the usability of your site. You can hide certain information on mobile devices, and make buttons a different orientation to make easier to click on mobile devices.


Without jeopardizing design, responsive CSS/HTML allows your site to be one in the same. No more updating your mobile site and your desktop version. No more desktop version of your site on a mobile device. If you are thinking of freshening up your site design and development, then take in consideration responsive design! Contact us today about responsive web design.

By Vanessa Humes

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