Redesigned My Pool Pal Ecommerce Site

We’d like to welcome our newest ecommerce client — My Pool Pal, a company that has patented childrens flotation swimsuits designed to enhance buoyancy and stability in the water while providing confidence, fun and peace of mind.

InterCoastal Web Design redesigned their website and optimized it for search engines. My Pool Pal sells childrens flotation swimsuits, swim diapers for infant through adult sizes, special needs and aquatic therapy wear, Coast Guard approved Aqua Force flotation swimwear, and adult flotation belts. The website also educates users on safe swimming, tips for teaching younger children how to swim, tips for teaching older children how to swim and talks about recreational water illnesses and bacteria and E. Coli.

You can download the My Pool Catalog or the Special Needs Catalog in pdf format from the site as well as order their products online.

Patti Gilmer and Pam Thomas, owners of Kids Stuff, a children’s apparel store in Gainesville, Ga., developed My Pool Pal flotation swimwear in 1992 as an alternative to the blow-up arm bands, inner tubes, and oversized life jackets children were using as a swimming and teaching aid.

They added their newest product, Aqua Force®, after a 3 1/2-year period of evaluation by Underwriters Laboratories and testing against stringent Coast Guard standards. Aqua Force® became the only product of its type to receive USCG approval in the newly created category of “Swimwear Flotation Device.” Aqua Force® is classified as a Type V Special Purpose Device, meeting carriage requirements for a Type III Flotation Aid.

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