Redesign & Booking Engine Integration – Sloane Realty Vacations

When looking to vacation in the Brunswick Beaches region, Sloane Realty Vacations is the place to go. InterCoastal Net Designs completely redesigned the site to provide Sloane Realty Vacations with an online appearance to match their outstanding reputation throughout the region. However, Sloane Vacation’s new site is more than just a redesign – we also assisted them with a Property Plus Booking Engine Integration, FlipKey integration and an updated photo gallery display.

Many of our vacation rental clients work with us for Booking Engine Integrations, and Sloane Vacation’s new website has been updated to incorporate a handful of user-friendly features. One of these functions being the new search on property detail page, which allows potential clients to narrow results based on important features such as location, view, price range and amenities. All rates, taxes, specials, and fees are pulled from Property Plus but the content management system allows for Sloane Vacations to customize it all. Thus giving our client a higher degree of administrative control over the content on their website.

The homepage also boasts a lightbox photo gallery, along with photo tabs allowing users to click on thumbnail versions of Property Plus photos and see them in larger detail. FlipKey also allows them to display property reviews and gives customers the option to review their experience online.

All in all, this redesign for Sloane Vacations is completely custom and top of the line. ICND is proud of this website and encourages everyone to go check it out!

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