Mobile Sites Galore – Hoffman Beverage

We featured Hoffman Beverage back in July on our blog when we launched their cutting edge site. Now, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Hoffman Beverage’s mobile site, which encompasses the mobile beverage locator feature that ICND designed specifically for this unique client. The new site also includes quick links to Facebook, Twitter, email and a variety of other communication platforms that Hoffman Beverage uses to engage their clients. So next time you’re on the go…and thirsty, we suggest you visit Hoffman Beverage’s new mobile site on your Smartphone and give this interactive technology a try!

Mobile sites are one of ICND’s hottest sales right now; we often sell them in conjunction with a full website. However, the mobile site gives the average Smartphone-user the ability to get the information they want quickly and formatted to their screen size. If you’re interested in learning more about mobile sites and why they’re important for staying ahead of the game, please contact us at 910-575-6095, one of our account managers would be happy to chat with you!

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