Going Strong with New Crossfit Clients

After helping extensively develop the online presence of CrossFit in Ocean Isle Beach, we are happy to announce the expansion of our CrossFit clientele to two New Jersey locations in Berkeley Heights and Jersey City. These clients represent the ability of InterCoastal Net Designs to work with clients outside of our core North and South Carolina region, and we are always pleased to add customers from around the country. We assisted both CrossFit 908 and CrossFit Jersey City with online redesigns of their web sites. Each site is now socially interactive, meaning there are direct links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts for both businesses. Other perks of the general redesign include search capabilities within each web page, daily featured workouts, as well as a variety of sub pages that help new and existing clients with their CrossFit workout adventure.

CrossFit is an intense workout program based on the ideology of constant variation, and functional movement executed at high intensity. Our redesigns create an online presence that demonstrates the high intensity of these programs and an overall encouragement of a fit and healthy lifestyle. We hope our attractive and socially interactive redesigns will elicit response and engagement from CrossFit 908 and CrossFit Jersey City’s potential and existing client databases.

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