Full Website Development, Targets Brunswick & New Hanover Counties

Orthopedic Specialists approached InterCoastal Net Designs to help them attain a goal: promote their services within Brunswick County and New Hanover County. These beach counties in North Carolina are located within Orthopedic Specialists’ target area, as they are located in Southport, NC.

The new, custom designed website assists Orthopedic Specialists in promoting their top of the line care throughout nearby areas. The website includes thorough information about their services, easy to find contact information for doctors and various offices and a custom programmed “What Hurts” feature. This allows potential clients to click which part of the body is causing them pain – upon clicking they will receive information on how Orthopedic Specialists goes about treating issues in that certain area. This awesome feature also lists common ailments in that body part, whether it be carpal tunnel or a rotator cuff tear.

Whether your needs are to target a direct audience, or spread the word across the country – we can make it happen here at InterCoastal Net Designs!

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